Personal page of bkil from Hungary

Former & future projects

Contact me and I'll gladly tell you more in person. Project summaries are not publicly available at this time. Furthermore, no commercial activities are planned on this domain.

My name

Although, I was the first to use the nick 'bkil' starting around 2005, it has seemingly gained popularity since then, so let me elaborate.

I understand 'bkil' to be the acronym for Brain Killingly Innovative Lead.


I publicly associate myself with the following accounts. If you see my name anywhere else, that's probably the wrong bkil.

Handle Site Notes reserved
bkil Blogger bkil vs. programming: Personal blog about IT topics.
bkil ChipCAD processor distributor's forum Facebook will have to move some information from there
bkil GitHub VCS
bkil GitLab VCS
bkil Bitbucket reserved
Gmail both my business card and the contacting Haskell source redirect here
bkil-hu LinkedIn reserved
bkil Microchip Technology processor manufacturer's support forum
bkil Mnemosyne contributor
bkil OpenStreetMap & wiki mapper, editor
bkil Panoramio reserved
bkil some map events
bkil reserved
bkil Pou√ęt, #2, #3 a place for IT people with artistic taste
bkilhu reddit reserved
bkilhu Tumblr reserved
bkilhu Twitter reserved wikiHow reserved
bkil Wikipedia philosophy and topics of interest
bkil contributor
bkil Matrix (backup link) chat
bkil PeerTube videos
bkil Youtube playlists with the kind of music I listen to